Thales Group

The changing digital landscape

The digital technology landscape is changing rapidly. In every part of our daily lives we rely on digital systems to travel, shop and live, Digital Trust is critical to all of this.

Wales is home to over 3,600 tech companies employing more than 45,000 people; the sector is responsible for a turnover of more than £1 billion. These companies come in all shapes and sizes from a range of industries including health, transport, finance, defence and energy.

Wales’ digital growth

The NDEC is working to position Wales as a global player in the technology sector by supporting new and existing businesses, helping individuals to develop their digital skills, stimulating innovation, boosting national digital security and safeguarding long-term growth.

The NDEC and its innovative digital activities have a demonstrable influence and impact on Wales at a local, regional and national level, positively impacting all areas of the community from mature businesses and SME start-ups, to individuals and schools.

We meet the ever-evolving needs of Wales by:

  1. Attracting and keeping global brands within Wales

  2. Creating and retaining long term, high-value jobs

  3. Stimulating sustainable growth in regional businesses

  4. Keeping people safe through the protection of critical national infrastructure

  5. Investing in education to ensure everyone is equipped with the digital skills they need

  6. Preparing Wales for major forthcoming infrastructure changes

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