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The NDEC is a cyber-security centre of excellence, focusing on digital transformation in Operational Technology (OT). Our mission is to be the global leader in providing security solutions to organisations looking to better protect their OT network infrastructure. Using the capabilities the centre has to offer, the NDEC provides bespoke solutions to combat the threat of cyber-attacks on critical systems.

At the core of this facility is the Thales Cybels Lab, a virtualisation and simulation tool used to emulate cyber-attacks, map network infrastructures and create training exercises in a safe, secure and virtual environment. Capabilities include:

(a)          Cyber security tests and benchmarking in a fully isolated and controlled environment (sandboxing, pen-testing, malware analysis, honeypots, solution comparisons, legitimate & malicious traffic simulation).

(b)          Cyber cooperation exercises and cyber defence competitions/challenges including “Capture the Flag”, cyber crisis management exercises etc.).

(c)           Emulation of Operational Technology (OT) industrial control systems and networks, automotive vehicles and associated infrastructure, rail systems and associated infrastructure plus the capability to upscale and expand a customer’s network i.e. network of vehicles or trains.

(d)          Simulation of IT and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) infrastructures for analysis, prototyping or research (infrastructure migration, pre-production environments, pre-approval, new architectures design etc.).

(e)          Bespoke services based on client requirements.

The CyberLab is part of the wider Thales Cybels platform. For more information visit


OT Transformation

Thales provides end-to-end cyber security for operational technology in Critical National Infrastructure. It can be broken down into four interlinked stages – Aware, Enact, Vigilant and Resilient – each of which are supported by a number of services designed to help organisations discover and resolve security weaknesses, and to protect them from current and emerging threats before they can do any damage.

Please visit to find out more about Thales’s expertise in securing operational technology and building resilience into customer’s networks.



Thales has established a world-class centre of excellence for digital and cyber security in Wales with support from the Welsh Government and the University of South Wales. The NDEC in Ebbw Vale exists to support organisation and businesses looking to harness the benefits of digital transformation in a secure and assured manner.

Our services exist to support local Small & Medium enterprises realise their ‘digital ambitions’ and in a practical, engaging and value adding manner. These services are free to qualifying businesses at the point of use and have been designed to support local business growth & development by enabling your organisations digital capabilities and expertise. Our services include:

Trusted Partner Network

We are driving the creation of a trusted network of SMEs in order to support and enable safe digital trade and collaboration across the region to support economic growth and prosperity through agile and flexible collaboration. Aspiring members will benefit from digital security advice, access to additional NDEC facilities, services and technology at preferential rates along with tailored invites to additional technical talks, events and collaboration initiatives.

Digital Security Evaluations

Using a bespoke and applied combination of network, penetrative testing and digital product assessment methodologies our Cyber Security experts can provide a robust and independent evaluation and assessment of your digital security posture and systems. Whether you are developing connected products and systems or simply looking to use connected networks within your business this service will help identify both the possibilities and vulnerabilities of operating in a connected and digital manner.

Cloud & IT Transformation Advice

Our consulting services exist to advise and guide organisations to realise the efficiency & effectiveness benefits appropriate and scaled for your business and specific operational needs. Our services support organisations looking to get the best return on their IT & Technology investments.

Digital Security and Cyber Awareness Training

The NDEC helps organisations understand and build awareness of their Cyber & Data security obligations against legislative and legal standards, to enable safe and secure trading within the UK economy and beyond. Following NCSC guidelines from UK Government, our Digital Security and Cyber Awareness Training is designed to prepare both technical and non-technical staff to safely get the best from the digital business world.

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