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Why Cyber?

Cyber is currently one of the most important industries to Wales. The nation’s tech sector is worth an estimated £8.5bn to the Welsh economy and it continues to grow. Over 40,000 people are actively employed within the Digital Economy in Wales and it is home to over 3,000 home-grown and multinational technology operations.

Whilst it is important we promote the cyber industry simply because it offers great employment opportunities, it also holds unique potential to enhance learning and teaching, and by focusing our efforts around the South East Wales region, to address regional inequalities. The NDEC Education & Outreach project strives to do this by working with schools, colleges, universities, members of the community, community groups and SMEs.

Cyber is a varied and engaging industry and, by nature, is a cross-curricular topic that embodies the four purposes of the new curriculum. From the linguistic and mathematical opportunities of cryptography, to the engineering and design concepts behind secure networks, and the ethical debates surrounding artificial intelligence, cyber is adaptable and diverse, whilst being great fun for students.

All this in a package of significant relevance to Wales, implementing cyber into your school can:

  1. Create valuable cross-curricular provisions for the Science & Tech AoLE, and wider AoLEs

  2. Encourage the development of digital skills, logic, teamwork and computational thinking

  3. Enhance school implementation of the digital competency framework

  4. Provide students with highly relevant insight into industry and academia, and promote awareness of career & study opportunities

  5. Raise pupil aspirations and improve diversity in STEM and computing subjects

  6. Encourage the uptake of STEM and computing subjects at GCSE, A-Level and BTEC

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